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Book a course of 3 to receive complimentary Dermalux

  • 30 min
  • £300 to £550
  • 30 Well Lane Willerby HU10 6EP

Service Description

Profhilo is an Italian innovative treatment taking hydration to the next level. This patented ‘beneath the skin’ pure hyaluronic acid injectable has been scientifically proven as an amazing advancement in face and neck super hydration. This injectable treatment will remodel skin, addressing signs of aging such as skin laxity and promote collagen and elastin production, leaving the skin hydrated with a fabulous healthy glow. Benefits: • Minimal downtime • Natural results • Improved hydration and radiance • Can be used on face, neck and body Procedure time: 30 minutes Results seen: from 4- 8 weeks hydration can be seen in the first 24 hrs Expected downtime: small raised injection sites for 24 to 48hours Pain level : No topical anaesthetic however can be applied upon request Number of Treatments needed: Course of 2 to 4 weeks apart Cost: £300 for 1 treatment / £550 for 2 treatments includes Dermalux led light therapy Tip: following a course maintain with alternative Sunekos and Profhilo

Contact Details


The Hollies, 99 Castle Road, Cottingham, HU16 5JF

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