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  • 1 hour
  • £200-£550
  • Willerby|York

Service Description

Super skin nourisher for face neck and décolletage. Sunekos is a revolutionary patented injectable treatment which is based on the latest scientific research. This course of 4 treatments when spaced weekly apart regenerates the skins tissues by regenerating the surface by using hyaluronic and amino acids. This versatile treatment not only hydrates, but boosts your own elastin and collagen to provide the nourishment your skin needs to regenerate without changing your natural features. TIP: combine a course with Sunekos 1200 to create additional hydration and volume for more mature skins Benefits: • Minimal downtime • Natural results • Improves dark eye circles • Improved hydration, skin texture and radiance • Improves fine lines and wrinkles • Can be used on face, neck and body, including under and above the eye and forehead. Procedure time: 30 minutes Results seen: from 10 days - 8 weeks Expected downtime: up to 24 hours Pain level: No topical anaesthetic needed Number of Treatments needed: Course of 2- 4 spaced 1-2 weeks apart Cost: £200-£250 for 1 treatment £500-£550 for 4 treatments

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